YouFetch - a crowdsourced delivery service startup I founded and then exited 2+ years ago via a sale

After graduating my masters in Innovations, Entrepreneurship & Management I was desperately looking for a great idea. Overwhelmed by a completely different idea I'd decided would be the one, I found myself struggling to run the errands I needed to. That's when I decided I needed a fetcher, someone to help me fetch the things I just didn't have the time to. 

And YouFetch was born, trumping my past idea and becoming my focus for the next year plus. 

I built YouFetch from scratch, wire framing the idea, creating designs for it in collaboration with junior designers, and supporting the dev & launch process. We pitched here and there and ultimately joined an accelerator that provided us with some short term funding. Although a unique experience, I found myself short on funds and unable to plan for the future of the company. I therefore pitched some more and found an investor willing to purchase the company for the source code. I cleanly exited this 1st startup, rich with knowledge from design, development, marketing, communication, product management, feature rollout & so much more. 

Further details below: 

YouFetch - a crowdsource delivery mobile app. Crave it? Need it? Want it? Just ask for it! A friendly fetcher will bring it. Delivering anything, anytime, anywhere.

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Demo video

Business Deck (2013)