Sarcastically allow people the denial they already practice about Aleppo happenings

Dear all who want to pretend this Aleppo situation is not happening, 

I’ve created a chrome extension that will spare you of nearly all the mentions and images of the situation in Aleppo - replacing them with the much more agreeable word ‘Denial’ and a ‘See no evil’ image. 

Install it now so you never have to feel uncomfortable at the ghastly sight of the situation - you’ll be able to enjoy surfing the news/internet without having to come across death counts, fleeing & war crime testimonials, and images of the only children's hospital post destruction! If we’re going to ignore the situation and do nothing about it, we might as well enjoy ourselves while you’re at it and truly bathe in a blissful pre-existing state of denial:) 

OR, you know, do something about it.
Read up on the situation
Make a donation to the White Helmets or any of the relief organizations
Anything else you can think of and/or that is in your power. 

PS: I want to be very clear this is a sarcastic chrome extension intended to highlight our denial and inaction over the situation in Aleppo, and double as a call to action for being informed, making even the smallest donations, and bigger change if in our power.