Belluminati campaign for Taco Bell’s $1 Value Menu

Taco Bell has a value menu spanning 20 different products, each ONLY for $1. How can so much decadence only cost $1? There must be something - or someone - behind this. Introducing, The Belluminati: A secret society for those in the know, or those with $1.

For years, fans have been making the link on social media between Taco Bell and the illuminati (for example). We borrowed from this social insight in order to craft a larger campaign that defies traditional value menu expectations (cheap=bad) to instead create a world of affordable decadence. To join the world of the Belluminati, all you need is a $1.

To extend the world of the Belluminati beyond broadcast, the social digital team created a range of experiences.

For starters, we teased out Belluminati kits to existing Belluminati members - aka, current lovers of Taco Bell’s value menu.

We also created a password protected Belluminati store with Belluminati swag drops that super fans could unlock by decoding clues, such as a password hidden in a string of morse code on a social post which we shared on Reddit. Super fans were so excited to unlock the store that they even turned to collaborate with each other on Reddit in the hopes of cracking the code faster. Not only was the swag was so beloved that fans even then took to reselling it on an eBay thereby creating a black market Belluminati swag phenomenon, this was the highest engagement on Reddit Taco Bell has ever had.

To comically highlight the undeniable logic of the Belluminati’s existence(!), we also published 'Belluminati proofs’ on Imgur - over the top, highly mathematical conspiracy style theories linking Taco Bell with the Belluminati. These outperformed Imgur social benchmarks, with outstanding comments coming from viewers who did not realize this was an ad - the ultimate compliment!

Sample PR:



Imgur ‘proofs’


Belluminati store Items


Sample challenge (Morse code unlock)

Belluminati social kits