Friends Fav Places - Get your friends fav places based on their Instagram checkins'

NOTE: This project is currently in FB/IG sandbox and is therefore not public yet. 

After having to jot down my recommendations for what to do & where to go in Paris, Reykjavik, Beirut, Bali, Bangkok & many other places, I decided there had to be a better way. What if people could see my favorite places based on where I'd checked in on Instaram?

Friends Fav Places (will) let you look up a social media friend or person you are a fan of X a location (think city, state, country) - the web app will then pull an ordered list of their favorite places in this location. 

Yes to finding Natahsa Oakley's go-to's in Los Angeles, all the way to your bff from Greece's fav islands & coffee shops (#random but I love Greece!).

Will update once out of Sandbox. It should look like the following, but with a list of all my fav places - not just Venice where I've checked in excessively!